Colorful Attire

The invitation says “colorful attire.” What to wear? I immediately begin to peruse my closet in search of color. I have many pre-covid dresses that would fit the bill, but one thing I need to add to this equation:
it will be 90°F on the day of the wedding. Quickly I scramble. I cannot wear anything silk and fitted for fear of perspiration seeping through and showing hideously embarrassing wet stains, not to mention the creases and wrinkles which would make an untimely appearance!

Last month I bought a beautiful dress by Jonathan Simkhai during Friends and Family at Bloomingdales. It’s lightweight and spaghetti strapped and…colorful! BINGO!

Jonathan Simkhai dress, Manolo Blahnik sandals, Chanel handbag, Celine sunglasses


  • You are gorgeous, and I love everything you write! Always so relevant and easy to relate to regardless of the topic you choose to discuss! Enjoy your week off, love to all…

  • Hi Leslie,
    When I heard about this book I thought of you. A few weeks ago you talked about success. Outliners, The Story of Success by “Gladwell masterfully demonstrates that success is often dependent on factors of which we are largely unaware.” Maybe you have already read this book.
    Yes staying the course usually gets you some or amazing results if you’re on the right course to begin with. Wonderful accomplishment
    receiving your nursing certification. At 27, it’s never too late.
    Faith, and patience is a virtue. Acting and singing are such nice gifts.
    Your dress is so pretty on you, you wear it well.
    Enjoy your week off.
    Sending you a hug.

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