High Low Fashion…(and I not referring to only clothes)

High low fashion usually applies to mixing lower-priced items with higher-priced ones. And at first glance, that is exactly what this outfit implies. This pretty dress by Cabi clothing was fine on its own, but once I added these embellished mules, colorful necklace, white shades and pink crossbody, it really came to life.

Gucci mules are similar here and here
Balenciaga bag and similar here
Celine white sunglasses are similar here and Cathy B necklace similar here

The same could be said for fashion as a mood elevator. Perhaps this double entendre is actually more of a metaphor. With the risk of becoming esoteric here, I ask you to indulge me. When our mood dips or we are feeling not quite ourselves, the last thing we want to do is play dress-up…am I right? But often that is exactly what we need to do. Of course, I am referring to normal highs and lows of everyday life and nothing more serious. When I am feeling ho-hum, I will often challenge myself to browse my closet and come up with something fresh and new. Some of my favorite outfits and fashion moments were born exactly from these conditions. Perhaps this is a bit dramatic, but that is exactly how I view fashion. It can be an exercise in creativity that can ultimately lead to mood enhancement. Try it one day, and let me know if I was right!

Cabi Weekend Dress

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