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Are you a planner or a dreamer? Are you someone who knows what you”re going to wear and lays it all out the night before? I tried that once, and it didn’t go so well. I get dressed according to outdoor/indoor temperatures, how I feel, what my plan is for the day, and what my eyes first spot in my closet. This can lead to trying on many pieces and is often to blame for my tardiness. I am always prompt when I travel because my outfits are planned before I pack them, leaving no time for trying on a million things.

Vince Cardigan, Moussy jeans, Adea Sleeveless Top (use code Lesley20), Fendi bag, Dior sneakers

This outfit was put together with intention. I had my eye on this beige crocheted sweater by Vince, way back in the early fall. I waited until it went on sale during Bloomingdale’s friends and family, and purchased it. I have a second link for this sweater which can be purchased at Bloomingdales during their current Friends and Family, but the sizes available are M, L, and XL. However, it is also available in black in all sizes. Click HERE to view and order.

I am an enormous fan of the Japanese label Moussy (pronounced moose-y). Their vintage denim is my favorite. It is distressed in just the right amounts, and the fit is flawless. The waistband does not contain a lot of elastic, so once you button it, it stays put. In addition, it flatters the waistline and adds shape. It is a little pricey, so I recommend getting it on sale HERE.

And of course what is there to say about my favorite layering pieces by Adea Clothing? This brown sleeveless top is fantastic. Aside from its yummy color, the fit and feel of the fabric get very high marks. if you haven’t already looked at the Adea website, I strongly encourage you to do so and use my discount code, Lesley20.

When it comes to planning outfits, I suppose you could call me both a dreamer and a planner. I am always dreaming of my next “look,” but planning on letting it be spontaneous!

Fendi bag (similar for less here), and Dior shoes, similar for less here.

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