How To Add Inches To Your Height

Are you looking to add inches to your height (in a photo only) without the pain of high heels? Then all you have to do is turn the iPhone upside down. That is all that we did when we shot this outfit, and we were amazed by how long I looked…particularly my legs! I am a shorty…at 5’3 1/2… and that half-inch means a lot to me. I have worn high heels ever since I can remember. A 4-inch heel is nothing for me…bring it on…I will even dance the hora in that heel!

If you want to elongate your frame, nothing accomplishes this better than a high rise flared pant. I have known this ever since I was a teenager in the late seventies when high rise flared jeans were all the rage. I recall thinking how much taller I looked when I added a heel and didn’t hem the pant. Lo and behold, that look is back and so is my added height!

Frame Striped Jeans

Turning the camera upside down turns your photos into art. I love the effect (above) in my Kazachok position.

Ramy Brook Top
Ramy Brook Top

They say that life imitates art… in this case, art is imitating life. These days, life is a little off-kilter, slightly distorted, and the camera catches that here, creating a metaphor beautifully.

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