Suede Patchwork

Suede Patchwork

The first time I laid eyes on this skirt by Worth New York, I was immediately attracted to it. The combination of its unique design and use of the gorgeous autumnal palette makes this skirt a winner. Given the fact that autumn in LA means the temperatures during the day, fall between 68-72, I figured I could get away with Worth’s matching tank and just throw a cardigan over my shoulders for a bit of warmth. Years ago, on a whim and Saks triple point day, I purchased these LV shoes and have worn them repeatedly ever since. They are extremely comfortable, and although I try to shy away from screaming logos, I thought that these were quiet enough to be seen but not heard. Suede is everywhere this fall and continues through the spring and summer of 2016. Start investing in yours now when the sales begin!

  Skirt  and  tank  by Worth New York, Bloomingdales Sweater, Louis Vuitton Heels,  Chloe Handbag - available in stores at Scoop Brentwood. Ray Ban Sunglasses, Vintage Necklace and Cuff.  Skirt and Tank by Worth New York, Bloomingdale’s Sweater, Louis Vuitton Heels, Chloe Handbag, Ray Ban Sunglasses, Vintage Necklace and Cuff.

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