When White is Right

  Top and Skirt T by Alexander Wang ,  Stuart Weitzman Sandals , CAbi Hat, Celine Sunglasses. Diane Cotton Beads and Celine Handbag both available at  Savannah Santa Monica .  John Hardy  Bracelets and Hoops, also seen  here . Top and Skirt T by Alexander Wang, Stuart Weitzman Sandals, Cabi Hat, Celine Sunglasses; Diane Cotton Beads and Celine Handbag (both available at Savannah Santa Monica); John Hardy Bracelets and Hoops.

Once upon a time, in a far off world of yesteryear when I was growing up, people did not wear white from Labor Day until Memorial Day. It was considered gauche, taboo, and a major fashion faux pas. Over the last decade, however, that rule has lost its fervor and white is seasonless, hence the term, “winter white.” Here in California, people have always seemed to wear white all year round. I recall being shocked, when I moved to LA in 1996, to see my friend in white Levis in February! Now, it is commonplace, though people from colder climates generally adhere to the old rule.

In honor of its steadfastness, I am wearing all white this Memorial Day, and this adorable shirt-themed ensemble by Alexander Wang is perfect. The colorful beads by Diane Cotton and orange bag by Celine add the right amount of color to declare that summer is around the corner… YAY!

When the sun is beating down on your outdoor picnic, pool, or BBQ, don’t forget to don your shades and a hat. As always, remember to wear your sunscreen to protect from the harmful rays. White may be acceptable all year long, but it seems most right… now!

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