Sugar Coated

Mors coat   ,    Vince pants   , Armani Exchange top ,    Gucci belt   , Givenchy booties,   Dior handbag,      A World Curated chokers   , Baby Buddha Paris, earrings.

Mors coat, Vince pants, Armani Exchange top , Gucci belt, Givenchy booties, Dior handbag, A World Curated chokers, Baby Buddha Paris, earrings.

I will always take the opportunity to promote Israeli fashion, and this coat is yet one more example of how Israeli fashion design is at the intersection of style and chic. I was immediately attracted to the burgundy faux fur cuffs and the long length of this coat. The adjustable cuff sleeve saved me a from a trip to the tailor, as I usually must hem all of the sleeves of my jackets and coats. I paired it with an all black outfit, and added the skinny belt to define my waist.
My Dior saddle bag, for which I have long pined, was purchased with gift cards. This is one of the reasons that Bloomingdales is my go-to for all the necessities. When you purchase lingerie, gifts, bedding, kitchen appliances, makeup and menswear, the points accrue, and before you know it, you have accumulated enough gift cards to afford you a fabulous designer bag and strap.
I won’t sugar coat it…..F=for me, this outfit hit all the sweet spots

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