My New Teddy Jacket

When I was 11 I wore a light blue Teddy coat. I loved that coat. It kept me nice and warm throughout the frigidly cold Winnipeg winters. We’re talking -40° Celcius, (no need to convert to Farenheit, since they merge at this temperature), and yes, with the wind chill, -20 feels like -40. Nonetheless, I persevered in the cold, often playing soccer outside with my classmates, until my chubby cheeks were hard to the the touch from freezing.

Fast forward 48 years and here I am living in Los Angeles where the winter temps can dip to a cool 45-50°F, and I find myself complaining about the cold! So while scrolling on my Instagram feed this past November, I came upon an ad for this Teddy jacket in this yummy caramel color. The combination of its color and reasonable price point ($185.00), compelled me to order it. Little did I expect it to be so warm, snuggly and soft to the touch. Everywhere I go in this coat, people ask me about it. No one can believe the softness of the faux fur, nor can they believe that I ordered it from an Instagram ad for $185.00….of course they don’t know me well enough to realize that this is totally something I would do!

Wearing all black really makes the color of the coat pop. The neck tie, which I purchased in Tel Aviv, adds to the drama of the outfit, and replaces a necklace. The Gucci belt, which I invested in many years ago, has remained a true fashion accessory and never disappoints.

If I can inspire you to take the plunge and purchase a Teddy Coat this winter (many are now on sale), I promise that you will not regret it. They are available in many different weights that add the right amount of warmth to get you through a Canadian or Californian winter!


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