Put A Trench On It

Theory    Trench Coat    and    T- shirt   ,    Marc Jacobs jeans    (   also seen here   ), Chanel shoes,     similar for less here   ,  Earrings from    Earth's Spirits   , Fendi bag, Celine sunnies. 

Theory Trench Coat and T- shirt, Marc Jacobs jeans (also seen here), Chanel shoes,

similar for less here,  Earrings from Earth's Spirits, Fendi bag, Celine sunnies. 

Every spring I look for a trench coat and the hunt results in failure. I can never find one that, once belted, doesn’t look like a bathrobe on me. I am short waisted and short statured. This is not a winning combo for a belted dress or coat. However, when I was shown this one, at Bloomies Century City, all doubt fell by the wayside. It is by Theory, and it is flawless. It drapes beautifully, does not add bulk, and is weightless while still providing warmth. A classic trench like this can be worn with jeans as well it can with business attire. If you don’t already own a trench coat, add this one to your list. Classic and chic, it completes any outfit and will stand you in good stead for years to come. This particular one does not wrinkle, (I have already travelled with it), and keeps you warm on those chilly spring evenings.