Maje Skirt and Top, Laurence Decade Sandals, Oliver Peoples Shades, Celine Handbag, Vintage YSL Cuff.

Sheer Length

Who doesn’t like the look of a long skirt? Whether you are going to a formal affair or just feel like giving it a twirl, it is one item that all of us could use in our closets. With a fabric as elegeant as this one by Maje, how could one resist?

Hardy with The Effort

Hardy Worth the Effort

This is a play on the expression, “hardly worth the effort,” but it turns the expression on its head with a positive message. This outfit, outside of the shoes, is comprised of two design houses: Worth New York and John Hardy.

Mix and Match

Mix and Match

Although I have an aversion to the green olive, I love the color olive green. I think it was ingrained …

Lesley Wolman

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