Sweater Weather

It’s sweater weather and I am finally ready to put away my summer clothes. Having grown up in Winnipeg, fondly referred to as Winterpeg, I prefer warm weather and lightweight clothing. However, after a while, I tire of wearing the same dresses and skirts and long for some newness. And that is exactly what I found when I shopped at The Primp Boutique in Rochester Minnesota. I was “lured: into the store by the cute window display. There I found myself with a great selection of fabulous jeans, all priced between $60-$70! Ok, I said to myself, I am hanging out here for a while. I chose a couple of pairs of straight-leg versions and then laid eyes on one of the sales associates who was wearing these boot-cut jeans with the raw edge bottom. I loved the way they looked on her, fitted through the waist and hips, then easing out loosely all the way to the bottom. She is very tall (5’10) and I am very not…5’3! I was doubtful that they would look as good on me, but she encouraged me to try, and I am glad that she did. This is a newer style for me (although I am fairly certain I had a pair of these in 1977, who knows? Check out the reels I did which show off the jeans from all sides, HERE.

Primp boutique jeans and sweater Elleme boots here in black leather

One of the huge bonuses of shopping in Minnesota is that there is no sales tax! That allowed me to buy a couple more $66.00 cropped sweaters and another pair of $66.00 jeans…oh well!

I love the angular heel of this boot, available here in black leather.


  • Hi Lesley,

    Happy happy joyful birthday to you. May all your dreams come true this year.
    I so enjoy everything that you have to share, you are full of wonderful insightful wisdom. I so relate to not be afraid of confrontation I’m the exact same way.
    You look adorable in the sweater and jeans, wow, are you sure you’re 63 and not 36. Maybe you transposed the number accidently.

  • Happy, happy birthday Lesley!!!
    I love that you celebrate each year and leave they things that aren’t working for you. What a fabulous idea.
    So did you have to cut off a bunch of the jeans?? That is the advantage of the raw edge I have to admit.

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