Cabi Vest, Zara Dress, Topshop Sandals, Balenciaga Handbag, Lanvin Necklace, Robin Terman Bracelets.

A Vested Interest

There is no need to spend a fortune on your clothes. If you pair them with wonderful accessories, you will look put together and glamorous.

Worth New York Knit Dress and Poncho, Sergio Rossi Sandals, Chanel Clutch, Lanvin Necklace, Calypso St. Barth Bracelets, Celine Shades.

A Knit to Remember

I could sing the praises of owning a good knit dress forever. Practical, lightweight, and classic are just some of the qualities that come to mind when I think of ways to describe this ensemble by one of my favorite clothing lines Worth New York.

Alexander McQueen Co-ord (Spring 2015), Jimmy Choo Pumps (available at Scoop NYC Brentwood), Lanvin Necklace, Christian Dior Earrings, Parker Ochs Clutch.

Red Borders

When Alexander McQueen passed away suddenly in 2010, the fashion world lost an icon. His designs were bold, daring, and easily identifiable. Whether flowy or structured, his clothes shouted themselves from the rooftops.

Lesley Wolman

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