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Michael Stars top   ,    Sanctuary skirt   , YSL handbag,    similar here   ,  Aquazzura sandals,  Oliver Peoples Sunglasses vintage earrings,    Hamilton watch       Robin Terman small beaded gold bracelets

Michael Stars top, Sanctuary skirt, YSL handbag, similar here,  Aquazzura sandals,  Oliver Peoples Sunglasses vintage earrings, Hamilton watch
Robin Terman small beaded gold bracelets

  I consider myself an avid shopper! While some of my closest friends, cringe at the thought of having to shop for a new dress to wear to a wedding, I leap at the opportunity, and often accompany them to some of my favorite stores. As you know by now, I love a good sale, and usually shop at the end of each season to take advantage of the huge markdowns at all the major department stores (for instance, this beautiful YSL bag was purchased at this year's Bergdorf Goodman sale, and these great black sandals were scored last year at the Saks Fifth Avenue shoe sale). But to be honest with you, it's the small boutiques, where the store owners and managers have become my friends, that I really like to spend time. Our friendships have taken us out of the store and into restaurants, theater venues and even travel. Case in point, my friends at the small boutique, "Yellow Dog," here in Los Angeles. Located in The Glen Center, near the junction of Beverly Glen and Mulholland, this little haven has become a home away from home for me and so many other women. It is fairly small, so you can't do too much damage, (of course, all of that is relative). Owner Betty Goldie and her right arm and store manager, Venetta Aguilar, have the best eyes in the biz, when it comes to choosing  fashion and accessories that are both on trend and affordable. Every nook and cranny of this little boutique is filled with something fabulous. From belts and necklaces, to scarves and PJ's, it is the perfect spot to shop for yourself or find a gift for a friend.

  Venetta is always honest and actually keeps me on a budget...Jeff is also grateful for that! She is also easy to reach...just a text or phonecall away. For example, this Michael Stars tank top has become a staple in my wardrobe having been worn time and again; after somehow managing to lose it during one of our stops in Asia this summer, I texted Venetta from Japan, and she had one waiting for me at the store when I returned! This wrap skirt, by the  affordable brand, Sanctuary, has also become a go-to during these dog days of summer. It is both easy to wear and very low priced. Yellow Dog stocks the staples and knows how to turn out a fabulous outfit. If you live in the LA area, or are planning a trip here in the future, it is definitely worth checking out!   

  Although I may not be an entrepreneur, in the conventional sense, I do consider my singing and acting career as well as this blog, my businesses. Having said that, I know how incredibly hard it is to "compete" with more established and larger businesses or people in my industry. As I derive inspiration from those who have achieved success in my industries, so too, do I enjoy helping and supporting independent business owners. I support small you?

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