Garden Party

As you may or may not know, I have been an avid fan of the Cabi clothing line for over 10 years. The combination of price point, comfort and style makes this line a winner. I have been hosting Cabi parties since I first fell in love with the line and find it to be a truly joyful experience. I love the idea of my friends shopping for their fall and spring clothes right here in my living room. Cabi has both fall and spring collections and then supplements with small additional collections. This long dress, from the add-on collection, which is perfect for late fall in Los Angeles, caught my eye, and I ordered it immediately. The jewel tones in the pattern are quite striking and call attention to the season. The dress has a 70’s retro vibe which is evidenced in the length and floral pattern. On first glance it appears opaque all the way down to the bottom, yet upon stepping into the light, the bottom half of the dress, which is actually sheer, adds a lovely lightness.
On to these beautiful earrings, which I purchased in a crystal shop here in Los Angeles. My daughter is drawn to the spiritual and healing aspects of crystals and in this regard, she has influenced me greatly. Ele Keats is a talented jewelry designer and when I entered her shop I was drawn to these earrings for both their beauty and spiritual properties. Now don’t roll your eyes…..try to go with it. Fashion can be healing art form, in so many ways, and here is a concrete example of that.