How To Turn A Bad Hair Day Into A Good Outfit Day!

Very often, my photographer, Robert Raphael and I, will shoot 5 or 6 different different looks in one photoshoot. We do this in case one of the outfits looked better in the mirror than it did on camera. The day of this particular shoot, my hair was decidedly uncooperative. I came into this world with very kinky curly dark brown hair which I relax with a Keratin Treatment every 3-4 months. I devoted an entire blog post to the saga of my hair about two years ago. As the day of our shoot progressed, so did the marine layer, leaving my hair a frizzy mess. Frustrated, I decided to put it up in a messy bun and leave the tendrils down, framing my face. I thought this look was well suited to this casual, sporty dress and loafer combo. We softened the look by adding pink lip color and
lip gloss (both by Marc Jacobs). The result salvaged what could have been a bad hair day, and instead, turned it into a good outfit day!