How The West Was Won

Lamarque Vest,  Current/Elliot Skirt, Joie Tank, J Crew Clutch, Fendi Pumps.

I am not from the West, I am not up to date on Country Music, although I do like it a lot, and I have only owned one pair of cowboy boots in my life.  However, after becoming a huge and addicted fan of the TV show, Friday Night lights, I have started to speak with a bit if a twang and find myself drawn to suede fringe and jean skirts; hence the combination that you see here. This skirt is a must have! It is by Current Elliot and it is very versatile. You can dress it up or down. The length, although conservative, can be altered with a flip of a button. In this case, I probably could have undone one button instead of two, but as you know, I live on the edge of fashion do’s and don’ts, so you will forgive me this one regrettable faux pas. The fringe vest is fun and easy to wear. One can pair it with a skirt, as I have, or with a pair of jeans. I was drawn to the taupe color, and as I have reported to you, fringe continues to be huge. You will see it everywhere, from boots and shoes, to handbags and jackets. If you invest in one piece this fall, you should make it fringe. It is fun, flirty and y’all will be on trend!