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How I Became A Fashion and Lifestyle Blogger In My 50’s

I have had numerous careers, from singer and actress, to psychiatric nurse, as well as jobs as a Hebrew teacher, grammar tutor, summer counselor, barmaid, waitress, and hat salesperson. But if you told me that I would become a fashion and lifestyle blogger in my mid 50’s, I would have guffawed. Not because it is a notion so far from my everyday life, but because up until four years ago,  I had no idea what a “blogger” was. In fact, it took me a full year of research to learn that very thing. It was at the suggestion of a close friend, who was doubling as a life coach, that I began my research into the world of blogging.  Her idea was that I should write a blog in order to inform the rest of our friends and community about fashion, recipes, culture, steals and deals and other life necessities. So I did the research and came up with a name that incorporated both my own name and a concept, and that is how “Fabulesley” was born.

I believe that women of a certain age (that age being over 50), have a wisdom and clarity that offers a perspective and insight into everyday life. Instead of fighting the aging process, I want to surround myself with like minded women who embrace it; women who are comfortable with their imperfections, and are  accepting of life’s dealings. Life experience gives one the knowledge in how to deal with the unexpected, how to accept the challenges and how to face them head on. I have learned so much from my mother, grandmother and friends. Grace and dignity come from within… from acceptance and a deep quiet born from experience. Throughout the coming weeks, months and years, I hope to share specific lessons that I have learned and how I have incorporated them into my daily life. I will introduce you to other bloggers in order to share their stories and words of wisdom. I am happy to be a part of the Fierce 50 Campaign. Together, all of us can destroy stereotypes and celebrate our beauty, strength and wisdom. All of you women move me and I look forward to moving with you as we all age together with grace, wisdom, dignity and of course, doing it all fabulously!

Here are two bloggers with whom I have connected. 

Eugenia Hargrove, author of The Age Of Grace, interviewed me two years ago for her blog. Eugenia and I met via Instagram. Her blog is wonderful and a great source of information for health, fashion, people and places, all from the unique perspective of a “baby boomer.”

Catherine Grace O’Conell writes the fashion blog Catherine Grace O. She has a unique story and her blog features a wonderfully curated collection of fashion for women over 50, as well as advice on health, fitness and nutrition.

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