Pre Fall Fever

Rag and Bone dress   ,    Fendi shoes    and bag, Chanel shades and cuff

Rag and Bone dress, Fendi shoes and bag, Chanel shades and cuff

Pre Fall Fashion….this term has always been a mystery to me. If you google it, this is what appears: “Pre-Fall, like the resort collections that come before it, is becoming a firm fixture on the fashion calendar. ... The demand is there because the season changeover can be loss-making for fashion brands, with spring items having gone on permanent sale while fall items haven't yet been delivered to stores.” The temperatures are still sweltering in most of the world when these “pre fall” collections arrive. The fabrics are lighter and more suitable to summer, but they have an autumnal look to them; the colors tend to be darker and the patterns more reminiscent of fall. This shirt dress by Rag and Bone is a true shift. It is loose but not in a tent like way. It also has pockets, a feature that scores high marks from me. I am always looking for a place to put my hands and a dress with pockets is perfect for a fidgety gal like me. The silk fabric is soft and comfortable and the olive green color makes me think of fall. Not that I am in any hurry to be rid of summer, but fall fashion is so much richer and more interesting, don’t you agree?

These PVC shoes by Fendi, do come with a steep price tag, but they were on sale at the time that I purchased them, so it didn’t sting as much. And this is one heel that I can wear for hours at a time. The soft fabric that stretches over top makes it comfortable and the heel height is perfect for us short girls, not too sky high, but enough to elevate your height by a couple of inches

The handbag is also one that I got on a promotional sale last year and it feels perfectly pre fall to me as well.

Pre Fall seems like a marketing too to me. One that the fashion houses created to drive up sales. Hmmm…..have a fallen victim to another fashion fever?