The Greatest Cover Up

The story of this outfit is quite a typical one for me and conveys how my life tends to go when I am focused on a certain look. It was a normal day: I exercised, did my Spanish homework, practiced my singing, planned what I would cook for supper and ultimately reveal on the blog. I was wearing these white jeans and cute top, but my hair was dirty and lifeless. I was literally driving to the market at Century City when it dawned on me that all that would be needed to complete this cute outfit and hide my hair, would be a white hat. Hard as it is to believe, this was one item that was missing from my wardrobe. I decided that since I was at the mall, I would pop into Bloomies to see what was on display in their hat department. Low and behold, there it was. A white hat with a navy band. I turned over the price tag,…$72.00, and it was by Gottex. Two things it had going for it… made in Israel and well priced. I tried it on and saw that it completed the outfit perfectly. I brought it upstairs to show Nima, and on the way to the personal shopping area, I noticed that they had just added a whole bunch of shoe sale racks. Question: Why is it, I wonder, that whenever I am in a department store, they just happen to put up a sale sign? Answer: You are always in a department store!

No matter, I told myself I would just take a look….low and behold—take two, there were these adorable white sandals by Laurence Dacade, in my size, comfortable and price reduced. Needless to say, that was one of the quickest purchases I have ever made and I still had time to get to the market…the original plan.

I decided to shoot the outfit later that day, and as the temperature dropped, I ran inside for a scarf. Both the top and the scarf are available at “A World Curated, “ run and operated by my fabulous friend, Esther Feder, who has great taste and style. Esther travels to France and Italy and returns with unique and beautiful clothes which she sells out of her home or at pop ups here in LA, NYC, Vancouver and different parts of Southern California. If you are looking for well priced and different tops and bottoms, look no further. Click on this link to her website and peruse the collection at your leisure. I am certain that you will find something you love.

I love the detail of this sleeve!

I love the detail of this sleeve!