Spring Into Autumn

Chanel pants,    Worth New York top   ,    C by Bloomingdales cardigan   , Gucci shoes and handbag,    Suneera bracelets   , Chanel shades.

Chanel pants, Worth New York top, C by Bloomingdales cardigan, Gucci shoes and handbag, Suneera bracelets, Chanel shades.

You know the story. The calendar says Autumn, but the temperature says Spring. What’s a fashionista to do? If you are anything like me, you just can’t seem to put away your lighter weight clothes. I run into this problem year after year. My only solution is to add a touch of autumn here and there, and in this case, a cashmere sweater tied at the neck. The sleeves almost give the impression that you are wearing a scarf. When the air temperature begins to dip, a cardigan tied around the neck and draped over the upper back, provides the perfect amount of warmth and looks quite chic as well.

I am also in love with this Worth New York tank top, which I own in several colors. It is actually quite versatile; it can be worn as I have it shown here, higher at the neckline, or reversed for more of standard tank top, scoop neck as seen here.

The guitar strap continues to trend, and may be something you should consider adding to your wardrobe as a way of creating an entirely different look to your handbag. Here I show you the bag with and without the strap. As you can see, it completely changes the look of the bag.


Springing into Fall means bringing one classic addition along for the ride. And the classic cardigan is the perfect companion.