Hot Lips

Sachin and Babi t-shirt   , AG coated jeans,    similar here   , Worth New York belt, Valentino clutch,    similar for much less here   ,    Gianvito Rossi pumps   ,    Chanel shades    and cuff.

Sachin and Babi t-shirt, AG coated jeans, similar here, Worth New York belt, Valentino clutch, similar for much less here, Gianvito Rossi pumps, Chanel shades and cuff.

If you have browsed through fashion magazines and perused designer sections of your favorite department stores, you will find statement t-shirts that make bold statements with images or words.  I have been looking for a statement tee for some time now and this one, by one of my favorite designers, Sachin and Babi, with its multi-colored fringe and beaded lips, called out to me from the mannequin that was wearing it at Bloomies. I can also tell you that while wearing it around the trendy Ace Hotel in Palm Springs the day that we shot this outfit, I received multiple compliments and inquiries from the young and the hip, as to who made it and where I bought it. I paired it with these cute coated black cropped jeans and red pumps for some added drama. I could not believe our luck that not only was there this converted fabulous vintage school bus parked poolside, but a motorcycle rental kiosk was situated right by the hotel entry. As we made easy use of these props, the entire outfit came to life. The multi colored beaded clutch matches the fringes perfectly. I purchased mine last year when it was marked all the way down at the Bergdorf's sale, but I found one for you that is equally as adorable and seriously affordable, (check the credits below the top photo). And if I am wearing a tee shirt with beaded red lips, you can bet I will wear a shade of red lipstick to match! My bold statement this summer is "hot lips." What's yours?