Mustang Sally


Philip Lim jacket, similar and on sale here, Sies Marjan sweater, similar in multiple sizes here,
J Brand corduroy pants, Stuart Weitzman boots, Nancy Gonzalez handbag, Miu Miu shades, J
John Hardy hoop earrings, Spinelli Kilcollin ring, similar here.

  I  love it when the fashion photography stars align! Many of you probably don't know, but when I do a photo shoot, I take between 5-6 outfits with me and scout the area for wonderful backgrounds. Since my sister and I spent so much time in Palm Springs this winter, we embarked on three major shoots. I changed clothes in the back seat of my SUV, (the windows are tinted back there), and I hang the garment bags on the side windows for extra privacy. As we were already parked in the Palm Springs Art Museum parking lot, I changed into this outfit while we in the lot's relative calm and privacy.   I decided to keep the bottom half of my outfit white, so that the colors of the sweater and the jacket popped, and I wore white boots to keep the leg looking long (we short people have to think of these things!). If I had chosen a boot in tan or beige, it would have interrupted the length of the leg and competed with the perfect match of colors in the jacket and sweater, another fashion star alignment. 
  The prints of Andy Warhol, which are currently on exhibit at the museum, featured a huge print of his "Marilyn Monroe" on the museum's  exterior wall. As I emerged from the car, we began to look around for places to shoot, that would include the Marilyn print in our photo. It was then that we both spotted this yellow Mustang convertible.  The owner, who happened to be approaching the car, agreed to let us use it for these photos, and Janet was able to capture the Marilyn poster which contains the exact colors of the outfit and the car! 
  Our Dad once owned a Mustang convertible (albeit blue),  when we were young girls, and we both thought that this Mustang moment was truly meant to be!