Suiting Up

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The Mighty Company leather jacket, Theory top on sale here, Mother jeans, Jimmy Choo (c/o Bloomingdales) on sale here, Miu Miu shades, Fendi bag, similar and on sale here

  I have never thought of myself as a biker girl. I didn’t think that “cool girl” look would suit me. However, after viewing the photos of this outfit, I may change my mind! I kept certain elements, (like the handbag and ruffle jeans), decidedly feminine, and the outfit seemed to materialize quite organically.

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  I loved the look of this black and white Moto jacket; its low-ish price combined with a 25% off sale at Bloomies, made it irresistible to me. I kept everything else in the outfit black, so that the white of the jacket and the handbag would really pop. This black sleeveless turtleneck silk top by Theory, gets two thumbs up for being both comfy and flattering. I know that it will become a go-to piece in my wardrobe.

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  I have had my eyes on these “cha-cha” jeans by Mother, for quite a while, ever since I saw a multitude of bloggers donning them on my Instagram feed. I finally caved and got them last month, and have worn them steadily ever since.

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  These patent leather booties may not look comfortable, but trust me when I tell you that I can go all day in them with no discomfort whatsoever; and considering that I suffer from arthritis in both of my big toes, this is a huge coup for me!

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  Before you rule out an outfit because you think that it may not suit you, I suggest you “suit up” anyways, just in case…you may be pleasantly surprised!

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