The Art Of Dressing: Lessons From My Mother

Artico coat   ,    AG pants   , The Row tank top,  Sandals, Balenciaga choker    similar here   ,    Monique Pean ring   , Chanel Handbag, Oliver Peoples Sunglasses

Artico coat, AG pants, The Row tank top,  Sandals, Balenciaga choker similar here,
Monique Pean ring, Chanel Handbag, Oliver Peoples Sunglasses

  I have always subscribed to the belief that fashion is art in its most functional form; we wear it, we style it, we create it and we live in it. My mother has always appreciated all forms of art, including fashion. She does not leave the house unless she is completely put together.  My mother does not let the fashion trends dictate how she dresses, instead, she wears what makes her feel good and allows her to express her individuality. Of course it helps that she is a gorgeous woman, and I have looked up to her and admired her beauty and confidence ever since I was a little girl.  Fashion is a continuum of art, truth and beauty. Sometimes all it takes is one special piece to elevate something from great to spectacular. My mother lives by this motto and she passed it down to me and my sisters. When it comes to clothing, she taught us that the addition of a fabulous necklace, belt or topper can change a humdrum outfit to a show stopper. Case in point, this olive green leather coat by Artico, a small Italian designer that the folks at BOCA feature. The versatility of a coat like this is key when you are looking for ways to dress up an all black or all white outfit, or add chic edginess to jeans and a tank top.
  Since the entire outfit is black and olive green, I added these sandals as they are in the same color tones.  My mother's signature is piece of statement jewelry, particularly chokers or necklaces. When I spied this one, I knew it would get her seal of approval. It has that "wow" factor that a quiet outfit often begs for. If my mother taught me anything about dressing, or interior design, it is to add a part of your personality to something; in this way, it will emanate from a place of truth or honesty. And what could be more appealing than that? If art is beauty and beauty is truth, then art is truth. Happy Mother's Day!