They Call Me Mellow Yellow

Even though my wardrobe tends to feature a lot of black, I have always gravitated to bright hues. Pastels and nudes, as much as I love them, have never flattered my skin tone. Bright hues and jewel tones are always a better choice for me. It took a great deal of trial and error to reach this conclusion, but now I embrace it as if it were second nature. Often the only way to know whether a color is right for you is by slipping it on; holding it up to your face isn’t going to give you a true indication, since the dress isn’t going to sit next to your face. I will admit that I had my doubts about this yellow hue, since I have so much yellow in my natural skin tone and thought that it might clash. Thankfully, and after much encouragement from the people at Bloomindales, I was wrong. I happened to have this bomber jacket from an earlier purchase and the addition of the beaded belt and fringe sandal highlighted the bohemian feel of the dress.