Sleeve Me Alone

I am a firm believer in high low dressing. It's the perfect way to mix it up and make use of your entire wardrobe. It also is much easier on your bank account! This blouse is by Aqua, which is exclusively carried by Bloomingdales. Its price point is so low, that you have to look twice. I loved everything about this blouse from its shape, to its pleating, to its dangling sleeves. Not a true fan of strapless bras, there is truly no other choice for me. I found a couple (here and here) that I find to be both comfortable and that truly stay put.  

These stretch pants seemed to shape and flatter the leg adequately while still being comfortable. The shoes cost more than the pants and top combined, but I know I will wear them constantly since the heel is not that high and the tie up detail is lovely and feminine. No matter what you decide for your go-to spring outfit, try mixing it up with a high-low combo. I guarantee you that you will be glad that you did.