Calling All Trends

Level 99 Blazer (   similar here   ),    Julie Starr Dresner scarf   , Minnie Rose sweater (available at    BOCA Santa Monica   , or similar    online here   ), Gucci belt,    AG jeans   , Bally cross body bag( similar for much less    here   ),    Stuart Weitzman booties   ,    Ippolita ring   ,    Robin Terman bracelets   .

Level 99 Blazer (similar here), Julie Starr Dresner scarf, Minnie Rose sweater (available at BOCA Santa Monica, or similar online here), Gucci belt, AG jeans, Bally cross body bag( similar for much less here), Stuart Weitzman booties, Ippolita ring, Robin Terman bracelets.

Cropped flare jeans are all the rage right now, and I suspect that they are here to stay. These beauties, by AG jeans, with the slit opening and dark dye, are fabulous. The fit is wonderful and flattering. I love the Minnie Rose sweater line, which my local haunt, BOCA (now located in Santa Monica), stocks in various colors. If you do not live in the LA area, I found a similar one for you in the link above. I decided to wear Julie Starr Dresner's vintage scarf as a choker, and added a long black blazer which is perfect for spring. I cannot sing the praises enough for these comfy Stuart Weitzman booties which are now on sale. The cross body bag is a great way to go hands free while remaining on trend. I got mine at the annual Bally sale, but I found one for less than $50.00 on sale through the link above.