Dress, Shoes, and Handbag, c/o  Bally . Bavna Blue Gold Bangles available at the Jewelry Bar. Elizabeth and James Earrings and Cuff. 

Dress, Shoes, and Handbag, c/o Bally. Bavna Blue Gold Bangles available at the Jewelry Bar. Elizabeth and James Earrings and Cuff. 

  As a “professional” shopper, I have always found it to be in my best interest to shop with a personal shopper. In this way, I am kept abreast of any discounts, sales and points that can be accumulated to use at a later date. It is also helpful to have another eye and opinion. I choose carefully, avoiding the people who tell me that I “need it” or that I will get “a lot of wear out of it.” These are the phrases from which a shopaholic must run far and fast. When a sales associate tells me to “wait until it goes on sale and see how you feel about it,” or  “I don’t think it is all that flattering from the rear view,” then I stick to them like glue. So it was love at first sight when I met Josh a few months ago at Saks in Beverly Hills. He encouraged me to wait and revisit during the sale, or told me that aside from performing in this Valentino skirt that I had my heart set on, where was I really going to wear it? He gained my trust and I would only work with him. That is, until he informed that he left Saks and moved to the new Bally store on Rodeo Drive. Now let’s just get one thing clear from the get go. I don’t and have never shopped at a high-end design house boutique. I usually purchase my designer clothes from smaller independent boutiques or wait until the item goes through a major price markdown. So when Josh told me about his new work digs, I was deeply disappointed and, for lack of a better phrase, totally and completely “bummed out.” I reluctantly agreed to come by to see the store; imagining super high prices and very conservative clothing and accessories,  I was astonished that this was not the case at all. The store, located on the tourist trodden and prestigious Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, is easy to spot from a distance; its red marble exterior is grand and palatial, yet inside it is anything but.  The staff greeted me warmly and without pretension. Josh had informed them that I was coming. I am certain that he did not show them my photo, but when I asked for him, they actually called me by name and someone ran to get him. I was a little taken aback, but there was sweet Josh, who had prepared a dressing room for me complete with Fiji water, Perrier, and an array of shoes and clothes. I told him that I was not going to buy ANYTHING, but agreed to try the shoes, because they are known for their shoes, and I had just seen a pair in a magazine ad that I wanted to try. By the way, their shoe and handbag prices are reasonable for the quality and less than some of their competitors.

The entire experience was so enjoyable that when the company manager approached me about hosting an event for my friends, I jumped at the idea.  If you live in LA, and have a few minutes to spend in Beverly Hills this coming Tuesday, April 12, come and have a look for yourself.  Everything in the store, which includes a full men’s line, will be 10% off! There will be small bites and bubbly from 11:00 AM-2:00 PM. Please come and join us for a day of friendship, fashion and fun!