Uncovering the Lace

Co Coat,  Sandro Dress , Jimmy Choo Heels, Gucci Handbag, Christian Dior Tribal Earrings. 

Co Coat, Sandro Dress, Jimmy Choo Heels, Gucci Handbag, Christian Dior Tribal Earrings. 

  One fashion investment that I believe strongly in, is a good quality spring coat; if you happen to find on one sale, even better. In Los Angeles, a good spring coat will take you through chilly nights and cool winter days. In Canada and the Northeast, it will see you through the spring and well into the fall. I love this one for many reasons. Firstly, it is black so it will go with everything. There is no metal detail so you so you don’t have to worry about matching accessories to the hardware. This is a subject about which people have differing opinions, and so instead of delving into it right now, I will postpone the discussion to a future post. This coat is tapered at the waist, which is a feature that I, as someone of shorter stature, appreciates. This coat is well made and feels good. I know it is one of those “forever” items with which I will never part.

  This lace dress is by Sandro, one of my favorite designers.  The minute I put it on, I knew it would be a keeper. The lace detail is feminine, sexy and demure all at the same time. I wasn’t sure (and still am not), about the tie below the collar. I added the pearls to offset it and it seemed to soften the look immediately. The heels with their thin ankle strap do not cut off the leg.  One of my fashion pet peeves is an ankle strap that cuts off the leg. Unless you are a leggy five foot ten, it can be quite unflattering. This one, by Jimmy Choo, is not, because it is both thin and loose. Lace is provocative, but the way this designer has used it, is both simple and interesting.