She Shoots She Scores

Aqua Sweater   , Oak and Fort    Pants    and    Shoes   , Calfun Handbag (also seen    here   ), Jewelry Bar Earrings, Oliver Peoples Sunglasses. 

Aqua Sweater, Oak and Fort Pants and Shoes, Calfun Handbag (also seen here), Jewelry Bar Earrings, Oliver Peoples Sunglasses. 

  For those of you who happen to be hockey fans, you will recognize this phrase as one shouted by many a sports commentator just as the puck crosses the goal line. In my case, I am using it figuratively as it relates to this outfit, half of which was purchased in my homeland of Canada, of which hockey is the official national pastime!
  On a recent visit to Toronto, my cousin and fellow fashionista Leanne, and I spent the entire day at the fabulous new Yorkdale Fashion Mall. The mall is home to all the major international fashion houses, but I was more interested in exploring the Canadian lines. She took me into the Oak and Fort store where I was completely blown away not only by the low prices, but by the fabulous designs as well. Case in point: these wonderful wide leg cropped pants in this luscious olive green ($88.00 Canadian dollars). The shoes had me at hello, especially since they cost $69.00 Canadian dollars! Yes, the US dollar goes very far in Canada; your US dollar equals $1.35 Canadian. 
 Back in the US, and more specifically the Aqua section of Bloomingdales, where you will find wonderful pieces for a fraction of the cost of their competitors, I picked up this cream sweater for a mere $136.00 which is on sale now.
  My handbag was purchased last year when we traveled to Argentina, where you can pick up wonderful leather goods at great prices, and this was one of those purchases that I have been able to wear with a multitude of outfits.
  If you follow along and visit the Oak and Fort or Aqua websites, you too will score!