Fringe Benefits

How can a dress be a girl’s best friend; supportive, reliable, and loyal?

It must hide flaws, be incredibly comfortable, beautifully designed, one of a kind, and extremely flattering. This particular dress, by Viviana Uchitel, has not usurped my BFFs of their status, but it has fulfilled all of the above requirements to gain a prominent place in my closet.

It caught my eye on a rack of one of a kind pieces at BOCA, and my friend, Denise, who was wearing the tunic version in black, encouraged me to try it on. At first glance, I was attracted to the color and the fringes at the bottom, but doubtful of the tent like shape. However, once I got it on, I discovered that the fabric and design are not overly voluminous, but allow for free flowing movement. In addition, the overlay is sheer allowing the body hugging fabric underneath to show through. The angle of the sleeveless cut is particularly helpful for the aging skin between the armpit and the breast, of which I am extremely conscious. That in itself, gets the FabuLesley seal of approval!

That same day, Robin Terman happened to be at the store, and was wearing one of her necklaces that seemed as if it was designed specifically for this dress. In true Robin fashion, she took it off and put it on me—perfection!

The sandals, by Calleen Cordero, are worthy of their own blog post. Each of her shoes are handmade, beautifully crafted, and most of all, comfortable. I walked all over Europe in these shoes and my feet remained blister and agony free.

When I was looking for something to wear for the photo shoot, this dress got Jeff’s immediate and strong vote of approval. Not one to voice a fashion opinion with great frequency, whenever he does so, I pay very close attention. Jeff’s vocal thumbs up cast this little number in the leading role!

Viviana Uchitel Dress available at BOCA, Robin Terman Necklace and Bracelets, Old Hippie Handbag, Calleen Cordero Heels