One Dress, Two Ways

One Dress Two Ways-01.jpg

So you purchased a beautiful dress this season to wear to a wedding, engagement party, graduation or some other special event. You dropped a chunk of change on this item, and now that you have worn it, you think it should wait until the next big event before you wear it again… WRONG! If anyone is a huge believer in wearing the clothes that are in your closet, and getting the most out of your purchase, it is yours truly!


I bought this beautiful dress by Elizabeth and James, way back in early spring, when my friend, Venetta Aguilar, showed it to me during a visit to one of my favorite haunts, “Yellow Dog,” the store she manages. I did not have a specific event in mind, but I knew that the instant I zipped it up, I would find somewhere to wear it….and wear it I did-- out to dinner, to a wedding, a party, even just to run around during the day when I dressed it down. In the evening, I added a leather jacket, which really altered the vibe, and kept me warm on those cool Los Angeles summer nights. Versatility is the key to good style, and reinvention is both smart and practical.  I challenge you to think about the pretty dresses in your closet, and be inspired to wear them in ways you wouldn’t necessarily have imagined when  they were first purchased. Try to think outside the box, and get more bang from your buck; you will be glad that you did.

Take One...

Elizabeth and James Dress, on sale here, J Crew Belt, Prada Sandals, Christian Dior Sunglasses. 

Take Two...

Elizabeth and James Dress, on sale here, Sarah Pacini Belt, Necklace and Bracelets, Calleen Cordero Sandals, IRO Leather Jacket, Chanel Sunglasses.