Worth Its Weight In Worth

This is a long post, but WORTH the read!


When my good friend, Sigal Byrnes, announced that she was selling clothes for the Worth New York line, I was quite surprised. Sigal is hip, sexy and fun, just the opposite of my image of the Worth New York woman. However, since Sigal does have fabulous taste and good fashion sense, I agreed to come by and have a look. It takes a big person to admit that she is wrong, and I am proud to say that I am that woman! The collection is hip, sexy, fun and oh so chic!

Needless to say, I bought a few fabulous pieces and seamlessly, (if you will pardon the pun), incorporated them into my outfits. I began receiving compliments both from people with whom I was well acquainted, in addition to complete strangers. I then wore the clothes in several style posts on the blog, and each time, the comments were positive.

Sigal invited me to her Summer 2014 show at which I purchased a few more great pieces, that I thought would serve me well on my summer travels, as they were basic with a touch of “wow,” and packable, which meant that they wouldn’t crease. The clothes, which are mid priced, (think Vince, Theory, Rebecca Taylor or Helmut Lang), are well designed and well made. They are classics with a flair, that will take you from season to season and mix well with just about everything in your closet, both high and low end. As the master of high low fashion mixing, Worth gets the FabuLesley seal of approval!

A couple of weeks ago, my FabuLesley blog post, “Short Sighted,” featured an outfit created with a pair of white shorts topped by a black cotton tunic, both by Worth,  sinched with a Barabara Bui black belt.  I was reluctant to post myself in a pair of shorts, given my age and previous opinion of wearing this precarious length.  Within 2 days of posting a photo of the outfit on Instagram and Facebook, I had picked up a plethora of new followers from Europe and Asia along with comments such as “you look chic”, and “so stylish” “love this look on you.”

 I was stunned and excited; I wanted to share my enthusiasm for this line with someone from the offices of Worth New York. Equally as enthused, Sigal set up meetings, first with Denise Barta, Director of Business Development, followed by Denise’s sister, Marci Valner, Regional Director for Worth West Coast. Their enthusiasm for my blog coupled with our shared passion for fashion, led them to suggest that I host a travel trunk show featuring the Worth New York Fall 2014 collection. When I asked what this would entail, they explained that I could invite women who were not familiar with Worth New York and have Sigal show and sell the line from my home. At first I was reluctant. Although I was quickly becoming a cartwheeling cheerleader for the line, I did not want to “bug” my friends.  However, as one friend put it,  “Lesley you’re the linchpin. ” My ebullient e-mail went out, and enthusiastic responses rolled in. I was overwhelmed. Sigal and I scheduled appointments and I assisted her in styling my friends and watching them transform before my very eyes. Four fun filled days of fashion with friends, both old and new, were the most exhausting yet creatively gratifying days I have had in a long time!  I was so energized by the experience, that I  cannot wait to do it again; it was totally WORTH it!!

Fox Fur StoleWhite DressCocktail Handbag; All by WORTH New York. Manolo Blahnik Heels. 

Photography by Robert Raphael