We’re Having a Heat Wave

Max Volmery blouse: now on sale at Yellow Dog, J-Brand Jeans, Michael Kors Handbag, Bottega Veneta Heels

Although the Northeast and Canada were in a deep freeze these past couple of
weeks, it feels like summer here in Southern California. Given the fact that on New
Year’s Eve, the temperature in my birth city of Winnipeg was colder than the surface
temperature on Mars, I welcome 82 degrees in January! However, this drought that
we are experiencing here in California, is no laughing matter, and we are truly in
a terrible predicament with no relief in sight. When I was perusing my closet, I grabbed
this beautiful and airy blouse that my parents got me for my birthday. I decided not
to do a tuck of any kind in order to allow it to flow. If you have a long shirt, throw
it on over skinny jeans. No tucking is sometimes a welcome and comfortable relief!
Check out the beautiful and delicate cuff buttons, an accessory all their own. I love
these lighter jeans by J Brand which remain at the top of my denim pile, for their
color and comfort…ah gotta love those stretch jeans! Don’t be afraid of going with a
bold colored handbag or tote such as this cobalt blue one from Michael Kors (spring
2013). It was and still is my go to tote….I can throw a ton of stuff into it and the bold
color goes with almost anything. These lavender suede platform pumps, by Bottega
Veneta, which were admittedly an impulse buy, found some wear and seem perfect
for toning down the bold colors of the blouse. And lastly, I don’t save my good
jewelry for special occasions. Jeff gave me this strand of black pearls, my favorite, for
our 15th anniversary and I wear them all the time.