One Skirt, Two ways

As a self described shopaholic, I am always extremely proud of myself when I am able to utilize items in my closet in various ways. This skirt, by CAbi, about which I can only sing high praises, was one of the most practical purchases I ever made. Not only was the price right at an affordable $79.00, but it can go from casual to dressy with the blink of an eye. Look how chic and put together it looks in two ways.

My friend got me these gorgeous earrings, by Nancy Newberg, recently for my birthday. I wanted to show them off, so I tied my hair back with a Pucci  scarf. I topped the skirt with a  simple grey cashmere sweater and completed it with a fabulous pair of Manolo pumps and my favorite Balenciaga handbag….. And Voila, chic and casual.

I have owned this Brunello Cucinelli sweater for years. It was one of those investment pieces from Savannah. Normally, people think that they should only wear expensive pieces with other expensive pieces. Well I am here to tell you NO WAY! Don’t get stuck in that way of thinking. Look how great Cucinelli pairs with CAbi! And if you travel to Rome, like I did last year, be sure to visit the store Davide Cenci, to get a pair of fabulous leather gloves!