Mix Master

If there is one thing I will reiterate time and time again, it is that you must master the art of mixing High and Low. That isn’t to say that you should run out and buy a ton of designer pieces. On the contrary, I have a strict philosophy as to how one should build their designer wardrobe, and that is to do it slowly and add only what you need. Eventually you will have fabuolus go-to pieces that will mix perfectly with your lower end clothes.


First, you should only purchase clothes that are within your budget and will remain in your closet as timeless pieces.  Second, you should try to get these pieces for the best price. That means, earn your points and use your gift cards, wait until sale time, or if you simply cannot live without it, then buy it. But make sure you have accounted for it later on, when the credit card bill arrives…ouch! Easier said than done. I will not dive into shallow water here, for I am probably not the best person to offer this type of advice….enough said on that subject!


Do not be a label snob. You can always find well made cute pieces, that, when mixed with high end labels, look perfectly great and on trend.

Here I model exactly what I mean. I found this fabulous coat, shirt and shoes at Zara…..I mixed these items with my very expensive leather leggings by The Row,  a vintage Chanel purse and Chanel sunglasses…..and presto….high meets low.

Zara Coat, The Row Leggings, similar here.

Zara T-Shirt, similar here.

Zara T-Shirt, similar here.