J. Crew… Who Knew?

I didn’t, that’s who!

I won’t say that I was a label snob, but let’s just say that J. Crew was not on my hip and fashion savvy radar. And when it comes to admitting I was wrong about something, I truly step up to the fashion plate. So here it is, folks, guilty as charged.

Anyone who knows me, knows that I love a good challenge….and so I decided to take the self created,” J. Crew Challenge” and design an outfit using only J. Crew merchandise.

Pleated skirts are everywhere this season, and J.Crew got in on the idea, and designed this darling lightweight navy and cream one that I paired with their simple navy ¾ length fitted t-shirt and popular School Boy Blazer. How cute are these ballet flats with their silver cap toe?  I simply could not get out of “first position!”

Now let’s discuss the J. Crew jewelry line. Beautifully  designed and well priced, these pieces serve as a gift for someone special….like yourself!

I continue to be blown away by the quality, cut, design and above all, affordability of this line. It mixes with just about anything in my closet. J. Crew, you are a Fab Find!

Lanvin Handbag, Gucci Pumps, Oliver People’s Sunglasses.