If It’s In Your Closet, Wear It!

I can’t tell you how many times I go to my closet, look at all of my clothes and then choose the same “uniform,” jeans and a blouse or sweater, blazer and a great pair of shoes or boots…..and always, always, always a fabulous handbag. This year I resolve to wear my beautiful outfits just “because.”

One of my favorite boutiques to shop at is Savannah. The clothes are stunning and the owner, Susan Stone, has impeccable taste and style. I have been a devotee of Savannah for 10 years. Whenever I wear or carry something from this store, I feel chic and stylish. Needless to say, these designer clothes are not inexpensive, but if you take advantage of the semi annual sales, you can be clothed stylishly, timelessly and affordably. By the way, Savannah’s semi annual sale begins this Wednesday, Dec. 4!

I recently had to attend several meetings, and decided to wear these timeless pieces by Jason Wu (Spring, 2011 and 2013). In addition to the Jason Wu pieces, the earrings and Bottega Veneta bag, (circa 2006),  were all purchased at Savannah. The shoes are by Louis Vuitton and sunglasses by Chanel.