It's A Wrap!

CAbi Dress, Costume National Heel, Robin Terman Bracelets, Ray Ban Sunglasses.

CAbi Dress, Costume National Heel, Robin Terman Bracelets, Ray Ban Sunglasses.

I am a klutz. A real, bonafide, clumsy, always tripping and sometimes falling down klutz. Let’s take this past Sunday, Mother’s Day. Jeff and I decided to walk to our neighborhood bagel shop to pick up bagels, lox and cream cheese for brunch with my brother and his family. We decided to  walk down one of the most beautiful streets in our neighborhood, which happened to be littered with huge seeds from the trees by which it is lined.  I recalled that the last time I sprained my ankle it was due to one of these innocent looking culprits. I said to Jeff, “I better be careful, the last time I rolled my ankle was on one of these seeds.” Not more that 60 seconds after those words left my mouth, I rolled my ankle.  

Cursing myself, I hobbled back to my house, got out the ice and a high cushion and proceeded to follow R-I-C-E.  That stands for Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation. I iced it all day and kept it wrapped in a tensor bandage (which, for obvious reasons, I always keep on hand).

The temperatures here in Los Angeles have been extremely high with days on end of 90-100 degrees. My prevailing vanity, kept me from wearing short dresses or skirts and having to display a wrapped ankle. What is in ample supply in my closet, however, is an array of long dresses that I had acquired both last and this past spring, but had not yet had the opportunity to wear. Well, opportunity was knocking loudly at my door now!

I love the blues of this long dress by CAbi. The dress is flowy, flattering and easy to wear. Best of all, it keeps me cool and chic on a 97 degree day. The bracelets are by my friend, jewelry designer, Robin Terman. Robin and I were both at BOCA on Saturday. She was wearing these beauties and I asked her if she would make a set for me. She took them off her wrist and handed them to me…what a gal! I haven’t taken them off since. They go with everything! You can get yours at BOCA.

You will notice that I am wearing a 2 inch heel. This sandal, by Costume National, is actually perfect, since I feel more comfortable with a 2 inch lift. The heel is wide enough to provide stability, and the shoe’s leather strap wrapped around my bandage and perfectly provided additional support. I know that all of my Physical Therapist friends are cringing and rolling their eyes; yet from my perspective, this little multi-tasking shoe hit its stride!

I want to take a moment to comment on this beautiful makeup that I am wearing. I recently discovered this line in Canada. It is by Daniel Thompson, and it is incredible. Since using the lip glosses, (which smell like spearmint), I have been stopped at both Barneys and Saks, and asked who makes them. I absolutely adore the eye shadows, which blend beautifully and stay on all day! They are mineral based, free from all those nasty chemicals we all should be avoiding.  The eye shadow colors are so alive and appealing in their cases, that I bought them without even trying them on. I just knew they would be great, and I was right. I actually had the opportunity to speak to Dan on the telephone. He is incredibly nice, intelligent, and very knowledgeable. After our conversation, I ordered a ton of stuff online. Please note that if you order anything above $1200.00 you will incur a customs fee. The company will gladly divide your order and ship to you free of charge.

Here is Dan’s illuminating thoughts on makeup:

“Make up is an accessory just like purses and shoes and I think every woman should have lots of options. Don't get stuck down in "the right colors" or "what's best for my eye color". While that does play a part it is not as important as highlighting your personal style.

You already know what colors you like to wear. It's intrinsic to your personal style. Just take a look at your wardrobe and your home decor. It will inform what shades you should wear in make up.  

Ensure elements of your make up do not compete (as in don't wear a bright lipstick with a dramatic eye). Just like other accessories you choose the individual elements should all compliment your overall look. 

For this season I am really in love, with satin/shimmer eye shadows paired with pastel lips.” 

Isn’t he just great? And he is a fellow Canuck!

 You can peruse his website HERE. Wishing you happy exploring and shopping!