Oscar De La Renta—The End of an Era

Oscar De La Renta Dress, Jimmy Choo Heels, Vintage Necklace.

Oscar De La Renta Dress, Jimmy Choo Heels, Vintage Necklace.

This week, the fashion world lost one of its most creative and legendary heroes, when Oscar de la Renta died at the age of 82. Mr. De La Renta dressed some amazingly glamorous and famous women, most notably one of my beauty and style role models, Jackie Kennedy.

Mr. De La Renta was known for his incredibly warm demeanor and gentle soul. His clothes, however, were dramatic and bold. He made brilliant use of color and texture, volume and embellishment. Mr. De La Renta was an artist in the truest sense of the word, as each of his beautiful dresses and gowns told a story. If you have ever worn one of his designs, you know how glamorous and beautiful it makes you feel.

I had this experience when I purchased my first, (and sadly, my only), Oscar De La Renta dress in 2011. I was doing my cabaret act, “On Broadway,” and looking for a fabulous black dress to wear for the show.  I had an idea of what I wanted, and so I hit the sale racks at all the department stores in January. I was on the third floor at Saks, when my eyes fell upon this wonderful strapless dress that had all of the dramatic flair and embellishment that I had hoped for. It was a kismet moment, given the fact that it looked fabulous and was reduced by 60%!

Below is a video clip of me performing in the dress, as well as some recent photos of me modeling what has become a treasured member of my wardrobe.

Farewell, Mr. De La Renta. Your iconic designs live on in many a woman’s closet.  You have made women everywhere feel beautiful, glamorous and important. I am thrilled to be counted among them. Oscar De La Renta, music to my ears.