Heavy Metal…Confessions of a Groupie

I became of fan of the Belgian designer Sarah Pacini many years ago, when I came across her clothes at a friend’s store in Winnipeg.  I am happy to report that I have a remained a loyal fan ever since. Her use of asymmetrical lines and muted color tones have always appealed to me; but her jewelry line is really bomb. Metal rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings and belts well made and designed with such a cool flavor, add an edge to any outfit, whether hers or another designer’s. I absolutely love every piece that I own…and I own many, but the best part of all is that they are very reasonably priced.

Last week, while hanging out with my fabulous cousin, Erin, in Montreal, we happened to drive past the Sarah Pacini store. I mentioned to Erin that she MUST familiarize herself with this line, because the clothes would suit her lifestyle and would look great on her. She informed me that she was also a longtime fan of the designer and owned several pieces. There was a parking spot directly in front of the store, whose window boasted a 40% off sign, making it oh so convenient for us to go in and have a “look.” There is definitely a shopping gene in our family, because many of us are true champions, although I will proudly (sort of) admit to having my black belt! As we perused the racks of clothing, I put together a couple of outfits for Erin to try, and then headed over to the jewelry cases displaying these fabulous pieces, to show her which ones I actually owned. One of the sales associates pointed to a gentleman and said “he is the designer.”  Making a bee line towards him, I proceeded to fall all over myself, as I gushed with excitement and high praise for his wonderful designs. His name is Guy Robichaud, he is French Canadian, and he opened the very first Sarah Pacini store in North America right there in Montreal. He later went on to design jewelry and accessories for the line, and now his creations can be found in every Sarah Pacini store throughout the world!

Erin, my cherished cousin and friend, went on to tell him all about my blog and insisted that I put together an outfit (not a struggle for me), and have him choose the jewelry, while she snapped the shots with my iPhone (see photos below).

Never one to pass up a sale, I proceeded to add a few more items to my pile, which further reduced the discount to 50% off. Erin and I both left the store outfitted from head to toe in Sarah Pacini, and Guy Robichaud,  and arrived  “Fabulesley” styled to a birthday dinner for her mother, Carol, another family fashionista, who listened intently as we shared the story of the day! 

You can visit Sarah Pacini online or in person and take advantage of the sale going on right now.