Close Knit Family

 This long dress and skirt by Goddis are truly the most functional and practical items I will have purchased this year. And how do I know that? Call it a shopper’s intuition. A well made knit, whether by hand or by machine, will travel well since it won’t crease.  It will breathe and keep you cool when it’s hot, and provide warmth when the temperature drops. It all depends on the weight of the wool or cotton as well as the weave.


In the case of this long dress, which I have worn several times during our very hot L.A. spring this year, I have been comfortable and cool. Its airy weave and lightweight cotton, are a welcome respite from the usual heavier fare. I couldn’t decide between the nude shoe or the red, so I modeled both for you. The red shoe, an oldie by Bottega Veneta, picks up the red stripe in the dress. The nude shoe, by Vince, tones everything down and plays a disappearing act. I love this shoe because the shoe and the leg become one. The “it” bag of the season is the cross body tiny purse. Large enough to hold my cell phone,  driver’s license, credit cards, a lipstick and keys, it is a welcome relief to my shoulder and elbow. Now that your calendar, contacts, emails and social media apps are all on one device, you really can get away with this tiny bag, and your joints will thank you. That is not to say that I am ditching all my gorgeous handbags and totes, but once in a while they need a break! To all my friends who still must record everything in a calendar diary, this may not be the bag for you. But if you are looking for a bag vacation, try this one on. Proenza Schuller’s is on sale at Intermix, and it is the ideal little multitasker, with an inside mirror, a place for credit cards and driver’s license with room for your phone, lipstick and keys. Don’t be afraid of going with a bold color. It adds punch to a quiet outfit, while complimenting the color of another.


Goddis’s knit skirt, also perfect for warm weather, is reminiscent of a Missoni design, but without the crazy high price. I have paired it with a light and blousy white tee by ?????. My friend Denise Mangemeli, at BOCA, insisited that I try it with my black bra left in the racerback position. I looked at her quizzically, but knew to trust her good taste and judgment. “It looks as though you have a bathing suit top on underneath, and it is very cool.” Denise, known for always staying ahead of the trend curve, has done it again; I love the way it looks.


I will definitely be folding these two knits into my suitcase to take with me this summer, and the tiny bag will be the perfect travel companion.  I hope that you consider doing the same.