Back to the Future

What goes around comes around, or so it goes for fashion. Whether you called it “overalls”, or a “jumpsuit”, I know you owned a version of this. When I viewed the spring runways last fall, and learned that the jumpsuit was making a comeback, I thought to myself: 1) I am getting old if the 80’s are being re-popularized already, and 2)why didn’t I keep that jumpsuit?! The truth is, it would have looked old and dated, because this new version is cool, comfortable, flattering and a must have. I have been dying to get into a jumpsuit this spring, so when I saw this one at BOCA this week, I had to give it a try. It has cool ankle zippers that I left undone. Adding lots of necklaces and a comfortable, chic sandal gives the edge it calls for. Ladies, do NOT rule this oldie out. Give the updated version and try, and I guarantee, you won’t be disappointed!

Splendid Jumpsuit , Calico Heels,  Imemoi  Handbag.

Splendid Jumpsuit, Calico Heels, Imemoi Handbag.