Free At Last

Me with Jo Bernard and our Go Commandos!

Me with Jo Bernard and our Go Commandos!

 Jo Bernard had a problem. Her pants were see-through and she couldn’t find the right under garment to wear that would not leave a visible panty line. “Why don’t you just go commando?” asked her “honey”. “I could never do that!” she retorted.

Fast forward 10 years, she is now the founder and CEO of Go Commandos patches, a fashion solution for women who want the freedom of an under garment that leaves no trace of itself.

The journey of Go Commandos was long and, you should pardon the pun, well worn.

After declaring herself a thong and bikini brief woman, Jo Ann’s honey and partner of more than a decade, clothing designer, BK Phillips, designed the perfect adhesive panty-free undergarment; it gives her and now thousands of women, the freedom to wear pants, jeans and workout wear, without the annoyance of crotch riding and bum bunching undies. After many road tests, he and Jo Ann came up with the perfect design and adhesive material.  

If you research the history of underwear, you will find that it should offer protection, act as a buffer, be absorbent and non abrasive. Go Commandos fits the bill perfectly. I must admit that after receiving a complimentary package in the mail last month, I was skeptical. I stared at the adorable packaging and super soft liners but could not bring myself to try them on for size. But as Jo Ann explained to me, it takes a few times and “they will become your next best habit.”

 At the time of our interview, I was wearing my Go Commandos, which was securely adhered to the crotch of my super skinny high rise black AG jeans. I felt comfortable and secure and knew that I would soon be addicted to this freedom undie. It was actually much more comfortable than my tried and true thong. I should disclose that unless I am wearing a dress in the summer, I almost never wear bikini underwear. Years ago, I got tired of yanking them back into place with every step that I took.

The thing about Go Commandos, is that it is much more hygenic than the thong. Without getting into graphic details, which I’m about to get into, there is no chance of transmitting bacteria from the rectum to the vagina or urethra as there is with the thong. Trust me, I’m a nurse, I know these things! Moreover, it is far more comfortable inside your slacks, jeans or leggings than a bikini brief. Made of the softest cotton, (there is even an organic variety), Go Commandos ergonomically fits into every pant crotch. It is incredibly simple to position and adhere, and you simply toss it at the end of the day.

Jo Ann told me that she has received a plethora of emails from women all over the country who have expressed their gratitude and appreciation. Many of these women, who suffer from chronic pelvic and vaginal diseases, have finally found an underwear replacement that they can wear without the discomfort of their previous underwear. From pregnant women to equestrians, athletes to fashionistas, women everywhere are abandoning their thongs and bikinis and embracing the freedom of Go Commandos.

There were some over-riding questions to which I needed answers. First was the cost. How could I justify the cost of disposable panties? When you consider that you spend more on a case of bottled water, coffee or panty liners, the answer becomes a no brainer. Secondly, what would you do if you wandered into a store and wanted to try on a pair of jeans or pants? Jo Ann packs a spare thong in her handbag for those occasions.

I have mentioned Go Commandos to a few of my friends and relatives. One of my friends, who is anxious to try them, thought they would be perfect to wear inside her Spanks. Go Commandos would free her up from having to wash the Spanks after every use which causes them to lose their elasticity.

Whatever your motivation, take it from this skeptic… they are for you. As Kramer said to Jerry (Seinfeld), when he went commando, “We’re out there, Jerry, and we’re lovin’ it!”

To get your own, visit the Go Commandos website!