Barbara Morrison: A Voice As Smooth As It Is Sweet

Since I am in the throes of recording my new album, I thought it would be special to feature female vocalists who have inspired me over the years with their range and talent. One of those women is jazz vocalist, Barbara Morrison, whom I had the great fortune of meeting a few years ago when she performed at LA’s Vibratto’s Grill and Jazz, a fabulous spot owned by Herb Alpert. In between sets, Barbara made the rounds, moving from table to table and greeting the audience members. I was stunned; I couldn’t imagine myself doing that in a room full of strangers, but she did it with such sincerity, grace and poise, that I was mezmorized. I couldn’t wait for her to arrive at our table so that I could tell her how much I have always loved her voice and how thrilled I was to meet her in person. My husband told her that I, too, am a singer, and she was interested in where I performed and what style of music I sang. During the second set, as I had just taken a spoonful of dessert, I heard her call out my name (I couldn’t believe she remembered!), and asked if I would come up on stage to sing. OMG….I had just finished a huge dinner (I never eat before I sing),  a glass of wine (and I never ever consume alcohol before I sing), and worst of all, I had NO LIPSTICK ON!!

Naturally I bolted up to the stage, asked the band if they would play “Just In Time” in G major and modulate up to A flat, and gave her the biggest hug and kiss. I sang my heart out after I told the audience how much I have always admired and been a huge fan of Miss Morrison.

Barabara’s voice is warm, rich and friendly. You can hear her vivacious personality in each note, and her vulnerability and honesty transcend the material as she takes the listener with her on her musical journey. Her album, "Barbara Morrison Live Down Under," is one of my favorites. Her vocals are both tender and energetic, the arrangements are divine, and her sweetness shines through each track. Buy the album HERE, you will be glad that you did.