Fab Four: September

My friend, Isabel Madison, loved the look of a nude lip but couldn’t find the perfect shade for herself. So she did what any beautiful, smart and ambitious woman would do; she went out and developed her own line of Nude Lipsticks. Nude Envie comes in a array of nude shades and I guarantee you will find your perfect match. I personally love “Rush,” but I have a lot of natural color in my lip, so this one was perfect for me. On days where I just want to look like I have something on my lip, I will swipe “Pure,” and feel like I have dressed them in a very sheer and natural way. There is a universal liner that goes with every color. These colors are a must for every woman who wants to look polished but not “made up!” Brava Isabel!

Drybar DetoxDry Shampoo for Brunettes

I have always shied away from dry shampoo because of how the white powder residue shows up on my dark hair. Now that I have the problem of grey roots, this dry shampoo does double duty. It freshens my hair between shampoos, and covers the grey!

SC Cheesecakes

Like many of you I have a terrible sugar addiction. I have to shy away from it completely, or I will overindulge. My nutritionist, Susan Cohen, turned me on to these little treats for those desperate times when I need something sweet but do not want to start dipping into dangerous territory. Each little cake comes individually packaged with its own spoon, is 95 calories and only 4.5 grams of sugar. I took these to the Hollywood Bowl and handed them out to my dinner companions for a lower calorie dessert indulgence. The reviews are in….FABULOUS!  


Robanda Anti Aging Hand Treatment

I found this hand cream at a local beauty supply store (La Peer Beauty Supply), and am I ever glad that I did. I keep one in the house and one in the car. It is treated with Retinol, the anti oxidant, Emblica and Broad Spectrum SPF 15 sunscreen. It is both moisturizing and has a pleasant fragrance. What I like most is the fact that it is protecting my hands from further sun and environmental damage while moisturizing and improving their look immediately.