Summer Reads


 by Jessica Fechtor


At twenty-eight, Jessica Fechtor, a vibrant, intelligent and athletic young woman suffered a brain aneurysm while jogging on a treadmill.  This beautifully written book is the author’s personal account of her illness and how she ultimately healed herself through her deep love of cooking, The book is filled with personal stories and recipes that helped her to recover from this life threatening illness.

by Dr. Michael Levi

As a child, Michael Levi’s revered UCLA coach and legend, John Wooden. As fate would have it, years later, Dr. Levi, a Los Angeles podiatrist, treated Coach Wooden in his home every Wednesday. This book is a delightful and warm-hearted read, proving that if you follow your dreams and work hard, anything is possible.

by Lauren Groff

Lauren Groff’s creative and uniquely written novel delves into every corner of a twenty-four year marriage of two complex individuals. Its uniqueness lies in how secrets rather than truth kept it alive.

by Dalia Sofer

This is a well crafted story of how one family is torn apart during the Iranian revolution, and their incredible journey back to each other. 

I have many close Persian friends and now family members.  This novel helped me to better understand their experience after the fall of the Shah, and how dangerous and difficult it must have been to live through that.