Fab Four for May

While staying at my parents’ home in the desert last month, I found this body wash in my Mom’s shower. To my delight it smelled great, lathered up well, and was moisturizing. The best thing of all is that it costs $5. To me this is a Fab Find! 

Dr. Dana Nail Renewal System

For as long as I can remember I had long, healthy nails. When I reached my mid-40’s, they began to peel and chip easily. Over the course of time I have wrapped them in silk, fortified them with nail strengtheners, and moisturized them with cuticle creams, all to no avail. I recently discovered Dr. Dana’s Nail Renewal System and could not believe how it transformed my nails from dry and peeling into healthy and lustrous. All of this was achieved without the use of nail polish. I have started to use it once a week in between my manicures and it has already made a huge difference.

Benefit – Gimme Brow Eyebrow Gel

During my last visit to New York, Serena took me to the Benefit Brow Bar, where she goes to get her brows groomed. I had always been curious about the Benefit cosmetics line and here was my opportunity to explore. While waiting for Serena, I asked one of the beauticians which eyebrow products she recommended. She looked at my eyebrows and noticed that they looked “crunchy” in other words that the gel I was using was unnatural looking and far too thick. She suggested that I try the Gimme Brow Gel by Benefit and she began to comb my eyebrows with it. The transformation was instant and I am now hooked on this product! It fills in the spaces and keeps them in place, while feeling soft and natural. This is definitely a Fab Find. 

Little White Lie

This past week I had the pleasure of hearing filmmaker Lacey Schwartz speak at a Jewish Federation Luncheon. Lacey wrote and produced a documentary entitled Little White Lie. I don’t want to give away the details of this film, which explores race, identity, and family secrets. I highly recommend that you watch it on Netflix; it is 60 minutes of complete fascination. Lacey is a wonderful storyteller and movie maker, and her story is incredible.