Fab Four: Holiday Gift Ideas

Little Box Of Rocks

Who doesn’t love receiving a bouquet of flowers? They add beauty and fragrance to a room and are a way to mark an occasion. But let’s face it, after a few days, the “bloom is off the rose” so to speak, and that beautiful bouquet ends up in the garbage. When a friend recently sent me “Little Box Of Rocks,” I was completely intrigued... {read more}


Exactly as the name implies, this is a gem of hair tie. Wear it around your wrist as bracelet, or use it to pull your hair up in a jiffy; either way, you will be well adorned. This multitasker is well priced and perfect for a holiday gift.

 Trish McEvoy Vanilla Musk Body Sponge

Infused with Trish’s popular Sexy 9 fragrance and soap, this sponge lathers up luxuriously after you wet it. It also performs well as an exfoliator, leaving your skin soft, moisturized and smelling great!

Leather Zip Mittens

Your dilemma of how to text when you are wearing mittens, is now solved, with these chic leather zip mittens. I have already tried mine out and they are fabulous!