Fab Four October

People have been complimenting me on skin recently. I can only attribute it to the two big changes I have made to my skincare routine.

The Beta Hydroxy Pads followed by SK II Facial Treatment.

Thirty five years ago, scientists in Japan noticed that workers in a Sake brewery had incredibly youthful hands as compared with their aged and wrinkled faces. From this discovery was born Pitera, the main ingredient found in SK II’s Facial Treatment Essence. I press it into my skin immediately after swiping it with Trish McEvoy’s Beta Hydroxy pads.



 When I am looking for a carbohydrate free crunch, I open up a bag of these delicious and satisfying snacks.

If you feel the need to make your own, however, try this recipe.

Parenthhood Season 1-6

I realize that I am quite late to the party, but I am completely addicted to this show. The story lines are so relevant and the acting is so authentic that you cannot help but become involved with this beautiful family from the get go. I save it for long plane rides, and the time flies!